TFS220 – LTQ / Hybrid CalMix, Negative


  • Description

    LTQ / Hybrid CalMix
    Normal Mass Range. For Negative Calibration Mode

    The MSPerformanceMAX™ LTQ / Hybrid CalMix, enables calibration of Thermo Scientifi c Ion Trap, Orbitrap,
    Hybrid (IT/FT or Q/FT) and Tribrid (Q/IT/FT) Mass Spectrometers in negative ion mode. It covers a mass range
    from m/z 265 to m/z 1880, and can be used for instrument calibrations between m/z 50 and 2000.

    Features and Benefits
    Ready-to-use. Load the calibration so lution into a syringe and infuse it into the instrument.
    Colour Coded. Box and vial, for easy identifi cation.
    High purity analytes. Mass spectrometry grade solvents.
    Precise formulation. Solution of n-Butylamine, Caff eine, MRFA & Ultra Mark 1621 in ACN/MeOH/Water/AcOH matrix.
    Specialized. Developed and qualifi ed specifi cally for use with LTQ Velos/Hybrid family instruments.
    High purity container. Non-leachable, leak-proof polypropylene container.
    Stable. Store at 2° to 8°C for more than one year.

    Compatible Mass Spectrometers
    LCQ Fleet
    LTQ XL
    LTQ Velos
    LTQ Velos Pro
    LTQ Orbitrap Discovery
    LTQ Orbitrap XL
    LTQ Orbitrap Velos
    LTQ Orbitrap Velos Pro
    Orbitrap ELITE
    Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid
    Exactive / Exactive Plus
    Q Exactive / Q Exactive Plus

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