TFS200 – LTQ XL / Hybrid CalMix, Positive


  • Description

    LTQ XL / Hybrid CalMix
    Normal Mass Range. For Positive Calibration Mode

    Features and Benefits
    Ready-to-use. Load the calibration so lution into a syringe and infuse it into the instrument.
    Colour Coded. Box and vial, for easy identifi cation.
    High purity analytes. Mass spectrometry grade solvents.
    Precise formulation. Solution of Caff eine, MRFA & Ultra Mark 1621 in ACN/MeOH/Water/AcOH matrix.
    Specialized. Developed and qualifi ed specifi cally for use with LTQ XL/Hybrid family instruments.
    High purity container. Non-leachable, leak-proof polypropylene container.
    Stable. Store at 2° to 8°C for more than one year.

    Compatible Mass Spectrometers
    LCQ Fleet
    LTQ XL
    LTQ Orbitrap Discovery
    LTQ Orbitrap XL
    LTQ FT Ultra

SKU: TFS200.

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